December 20th, 2010

children of dune - leto 1

about the not getting the beatles, right

So that was a lie. I am a Beatles person. I am totally a Beatles person. It's like--IDEK. Apparently, I didn't know this until deep-sixing my way into remastered albums. Even the stuff I hated is now merely faint dislike that makes me smile when I see Paul's cheery little face. I like things so perky it makes my teeth ache.

I've made everyone listen to We Can Work It Out because that shit is deep, okay, and also, Paul's cheery face! I mean, granted, I figured out early that I wasn't going to get connection here without a visual component, and fine, while apparently Kirk/Spock were the first slash pairing, John/Paul must have been the first RPS because I didn't even have to try, that was all I would get when I hit youtube. That's not how I roll, I said, which again, oh the lie.

...I keep randomly bursting into tears when I sling Let It Be, How Do You Sleep, and Here Today together like I need an emotional abyss or something to really round out my life. I'm in the middle of a deeply felt hatred for all the music we lost and okay, my God. This can't end well.

I also have to wonder it's like when the entire fucking world is shipping you and your best friend while you write hate music about each other. I mean, not like it was just fangirls; there is video of non-fangirl people out there illustrating the fact that the universe had a thing for them.

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Beatles. Yes. I'm forming my top ten, but my repeat-one seems to imply it's closer to a top twenty or something. Not even counting Lennon and McCartney's solo work.

Surrender by Digital Daggers. Random musical rec. All the fic I haven't been reading has been to this, because I can't listen to the music of people I'm totally not reading about while I'm not reading about them.

Not that anyone here has recs or anything, I suppose. Or knows how i can get my hands on certain fic that have been deleted from the intenret and I'm about to cry because hello not reading but if I was, I'd want to read them.

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children of dune - leto 1

we can work it out (with a drumstick to paul's ass?)

Level with me: how close are Ringo and George to killing Paul and John messily, with drumsticks? Ballpark; that was several takes by the clothing changes and the vocals. The Beatles almost ended that day, didn't they?

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...seriously. Paul was about two takes away from a drumstick up the ass there.

ETA: The more I watch, the more hysterical I get at the look on Ringo's face. Dear God, Paul, don't turn around. Just, better you never see that.

ETA 2 Reading the wikipedia on this song makes it that much more hilarious.

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