November 20th, 2010

children of dune - leto 1

i had to work today, but this made it worth it


Child (this has been a month of delightful child antics) has somehow:
a) Activated McAfee parent controls
b) Does not know the password

He is locked out of like, everything interesting on the net. I think teletubbies is blocked, even. I should make him check Disney, for his dignity. It's beautiful.

So far, he's tried command line overriding, staring vaguely at the screen while shaking one not-so-tiny fist, and staring at me beseechingly. For the record, I laughed. And by that, I mean, still am. If he's going to be this easy, life is very good. Kind of impressed he tried to command line it, even though I read it and realized it was how to command line freaking vista. And not well, either.

Me: You're locked out of your computer like a five year old. Ha ha!
Child: *sulks dramatically, draped across a recliner, woe*

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