November 12th, 2010

children of dune - leto 1

meta link: to those on sf-drama regarding rapefic by anonymous

to those on sf-drama regarding rapefic by anonymous, posted on fail_fandonanon. Today is suspend your dislike of anonymeme day, if the excuse is needed. Anonymeme etiquette requires posting anon; today's the first time I thought it was worth not ever being able to say again I didn't participate in anonymeme, because that deserved a response.

Context, especially the superthreads on pages two and three. The post spanned most of Wednesday and some of early Thursday so at this point it is pretty much dead

Warning: This content is triggery for survivors of sexual assault. It is not safe. If you need more specific warnings as to make an informed judgment, please leave a comment.

So this is surprisingly early in the day that I wish it were already over. It may be a record.

ETA: I have no idea how I forgot this. Wank Report's report; the OP of the SFD post comments.

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