November 5th, 2010

children of dune - leto 1

i have no idea if this is relevant, but it is hilarious

Okay, wtf, people, I had to find out from fail_fandomanon about Brad Wright sulking in his sulking pants?

Okay, see, I get it, Brad, PTB, Stargate franchise, all franchises, everyone, ever. I am just a fan! I have no power! I have no influence. You will tell me what to like and when to like it. I WILL SIT DOWN, SHUT UP OKAY. WHY ARE YOU STILL YELLING AT....

Opinion: Atlantis fans need to stop punishing Universe

...hello, wait.

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Oh, whatever, hands up: tell me your inner fangirl did not just laugh herself silly.

Context is Contexty: For those of you playing the home game, circa January 2009:
No. You guys are actually pretty predictable (take no offense, most fan groups are). Unfortunately, you represent a very small portion of the actual viewing audience we need for financial success. - Brad Wright, on fans of SGA and SG1 at the cancellation of SGA and the release of SGU

Yeah. You're fucking adorable, sweets.

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