November 4th, 2010

children of dune - leto 1

cooks source bukkake - yeah, still not clicking on the jpg

In the interests of full disclosure, my work computer locked me out. It's tragic, really. But then I got to read this.

[profile] illadore posts Copyright Infringement and Me, sharing the heartwarming story of an editor of great (three decades!) experience in the publishing world who kindly and generously picked up one of her articles for her groundbreaking and experimentally-spelled magazine Cooks Source, and when [profile] illadore's ingratitude for her generosity was expressed via email, Judith Griggs politely but firmly explained the astonishingly simple legal statutes covering copyrighted articles found on a copyrighted page on the internet. And also has some truly astounding editing advice about the article.

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Copyright Follies by [personal profile] nihilistic_kid

The Stupidest Thing an Editor With Three Decades of Experience Has Said About the Web Today by John Scalzi

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ETA: Oh, look, it's Boing-Boing: Today's web justice driveby: Cooks Source Magazine

Facebook Links

Cooks Source Facebook Wall - might be a few people there a bit stroppy about the entire thing.

Cooks Source Facebook Discussions, hey, has anyone gotten the cooks-source-bukkkake to load?

List of Cooks Source article sources. Please add more and hey, interesting list here: Paula Dean, NPR, WebMD, WeightWatchers, Martha Stewart, Recipes Today that's owned by Disney, CNN....

Okay, if the eventual goal is guaranteed professional and personal immolation destined to be cherished by the eternal memory of the internet throughout history, post to youtube videos of torturing your goddamn cat, okay (please do not actually do this)? 4chan will take care of it for you, three days, four days tops, and then you at least get the biggest pizza party of your life. You really don't need to create an entire business enterprise with an elaborate and strangely mesmerizing chain of events to get it done.

Dude, you invoked Martha fucking Stewart. And Disney. There will be no pizza. I'm not sure there will be like, air when they're done.

Again, that's Cooks Source, no apostrophe, and Judith Griggs, that's two g's.

Yeah, I really needed this.

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children of dune - leto 1

can i talk about myself in the third person yet

I don't even find it particularly surprising that I am completely unwilling and even morally opposed to trolling and totally condemn it--except under my own actual IRL name in Facebook. Because yeah, that's reasonable and completely sane.

I mean, I find it disturbing and possibly unhealthy, but on the other hand, the Cooks Source facebook page is freaking magic. On the positive side, I finally realized what to do with my Facebook account. Apparently it involves being douchey for justice.

On the downside, there are no macros. *sighs*

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children of dune - leto 1

the cake is cook source and a lie

...I think I've lost the ability to speak in other than meme or movie references.

It's like watching all of pop culture flash before my eyes. Suddenly, horrifyingly, I realize--this is my Facebook experience.

In other news, I think twatwaffle is now in my active vocabulary. This will end well.

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