November 1st, 2010

children of dune - leto 1

life lived in ubuntu

...and I feel less like what the fuck was I thinking.

I spent my weekend productively doing the following:
a.) stealing other people's candy while languishing on the couch.
b.) drinking criminal amounts of coffee.
c.) marveling that healing is so very disgusting.
d.) writing bash scripts.
e.) sleeping, sleeping, sleeping.

Recovering from Child's birth was worse, but I suspect part of it was he slept twenty hours a day and I only woke up to feed him and (theoretically?) change him so I don't actually remember any of it. Yes, I had one of those kinds of babies; first month solid sleep (it went downhill from there). I'd also lose track of him for long periods of time when relatives would appear from the ether, talk to me (no idea what they were saying) and whisk him away. I look back on that with wonder; a relative could have like, made for Yemen with him and I wouldn't have noticed if no one woke me up (two things woke me up; his shrill scream of rage and the smell of coffee).

To be fair, the last month before he was born, there was a better than average chance someone was going to kill me. I was playing SimCity like, twenty four hours a day because sleep was for those with less active fetii and Nintendo music was haunting everyone else's sleep. They were just happy when I woke up, I couldn't quite make it to the nintendo; they'd wave coffee at me. Smart, smart relatives.

I was going to work today, but getting up and down is still problematic, though most of the major aches are gone and it's basically left to not really quite up to sitting straight in chairs for any length of time. If they'd move a recliner into my cubicle, I'd be all over that.

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Didn't expect this to get that long.

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