October 27th, 2010

children of dune - leto 1

okay, how did i miss this?

Yes, I'm still awake, but!

So I forgot about this in the midst of--everything.

My Merlin fic Tintagel was translated into Russian by TaiD here for the Russian Merlin Big Bang and archived at AO3. Even if you don't read Russian, the artwork in there is amazing; the picture of Ygraine and Nimueh feels almost like a stylized medieval portrait. So yes, I stare at them and go "oooh."

I was reminded because a.) today I saw a request to link Tintagel today to it (Russian translation! HOW IS THAT NOT AWESOME?) and then tonight when [personal profile] svmadelyn sent me to youtube to watch a cat fight a printer, I ran across a trailer for the Russian translation of Tintagel by algine2006 and holy shit it tells the entire story like, perfectly. I've watched it three times and seriously, wow.

Okay, so I am very distracted from panic; thank you Russian Big Bang.

Also of excitement:

Here [personal profile] cybel posted a podfic of When the Sky Falls Down (Smallville, Clark/Lex), which I somehow--beyond understanding--missed.

At this point, there is every possibility I have a notice somewhere of winning the lottery and missed it the way I seem to be like, losing time or whatever. I apologize both to TaiD and Cybel for being so late being squeeful--this is awesome and I appreciate your hard work so much and am so happy this stuff exists. *hugs you both*

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children of dune - leto 1

building a home server for people who are kind of terrified, 1/3: you and your components

Okay, so I said I'd do this weeks ago and now to stave off pre-surgery panic, I'm doing it now.

This is part one of a breakdown on how I went about building my server. Please for the love of God do not consider this doctrine. I pulled from like, dozens of places before I started. Also, we're working with less than a month of me doing this, so yeah, there will be inaccuracies since I'm still on my learning curve.

There is no such thing as doctrine, btw. Not in computer building.

First Things First

1: Anything computer be a server.

There are systems that are designed as servers for businesses and homes, but that is not the only way. The only things you actually need for a home server are a working computer and ethernet access (and server software). And that computer shouldn't be your only computer for obvious reasons. I've read designs done by people who basically nailed a motherboard to the wall--God that was cool</i>--and fed the cables down into a small box of drives and seriously, that was the coolest thing ever. Same function. The word "server" is what the machine does in the end, not necessarily what it is, though it can be that too.

So disconnect there--server can be the computer being designed to be a server, or your extra computer that, what the fuck, you have some free time, let's play. Or you can do what I did and go to Fry's and go crazy. We'll come back to that.

2: Server software is not terrifying.

That is half a lie. If you don't want one, yes, it looks overwhelming. If you want one, trust me when I say, it becomes suddenly much easier just on sheer want. For those who want to work in familiar territory, there's Windows Server, which isn't terribly expensive and makes life easy. On the other end of the spectrum, there's Slackware that will make you twitch. There's Ubuntu Server, which I have and love, even when I hate it. You can actually buy mid-range small home servers with Windows Server installed for like, 500 to 700 when not on discount.

3: Servers and Network Attached Storage (NAS) are different things, but overlap functions. I'll be honest--the only reason I went server and not FreeNas was I wanted to learn Linux and I learn by doing. And I want to force myself to learn network protocol, and this was the best way to go about it. If all you want is to share your files among your home computers and friends in like, Tulsa and Toronto, NAS is perfectly sufficient.

Compare and contrast:

Home Server on Wikipedia

NAS on Wikipedia

Right. Now from there, let's go.

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Okay, so those are your components. If anyone wants to correct/expand/add their recommendations, feel free to do in comments. If anyone wants to ask questions, feel free! I have no idea if I can answer them, but I will try or direct to someone/someplace that can. Next up will be building a home server for people who are kind of terrified, 2/3: you and putting it all together.

[I will be adding/expanding as I remember or think of more specifics as well. And pictures!]

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