September 19th, 2010

children of dune - leto 1

the bears, the laptop, and the nas, in review

Part A

Horace the Gallbladder reminded me this morning that yeah, I really need to make that surgical appointment. That was fun. Like, lots.

Part B

[personal profile] syllic however, made it all better by directing me to Harrods to meet Archie, the 2010 Christmas bear and Archie's friend who is not named but I am calling Watson. Actually, I keep calling the Harrods bears the Syllic Bears and then correcting myself while my family doesn't even bother looking at me oddly because I've escalated to imported bears and they're kind of terrified.

Oh my God, people, for those who celebrate the Christmas holidays, it is two months until I can take them out and coo over them! And decorate! Oh God, I get to decorate.

Er, for those of you new to my journals, The Bear Collective 2009 with earlier pictures from 2007 here. This entire bear thing began with [profile] hwmitzy sending me bears one year for Christmas. And it--escalated. Not shown in picture is the Moose and Snowman Auxiliary, because they er, wouldn't fit on the couch. And the Christmas Bunny. And the Christmas Shark. Yes, there is a Christmas Shark and screw you, it's awesome.

Just to warn you, you will see a lot of this come late November.

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