September 16th, 2010

children of dune - leto 1

insta!rec - John and Sherlock Make a Baby

John and Sherlock Make a Baby by [profile] annelarimer, Sherlock (BBC) - okay, I just laughed so hard people have been leaning over the walls of my cubicle to see if I was okay. Also, I'm supposed to be working. Instead I'm reccing this:
Life often liked to remind John Watson that it had worse things on offer than the poke-able dead. Life thought it was being funny, John supposed. Life was, frankly, a bit of a wanker.

Sherlock had dragged him to a spot across the road from the grammar school in St Alban's Grove. "Look. Look. They're just wandering free at the play structure. It'll take five seconds," said Sherlock.

"No," said John Watson flatly. "And we're leaving."

"They've already got little uniforms on. They're obviously trained."

"No. We're leaving now. I know you're incapable understanding exactly how incredibly creepy this is, and that's okay, it's why you keep me around. But this is not a good idea." He took Sherlock's arm and led him back to the cab. It took a bit of force to get him inside. "I'm not getting another ASBO."

"But, John--"

"It's not a pet shop, you loon! They have parents. Probably."

Sherlock pressed his face against the taxi window as they were driven away. "Look at their little hats!"

It would be another three minutes before my supervisor was patting me on teh back while I choked into my desk and thanked God I set the screenlock. *waves* Have fun! READ NOW.

(Note: got Sherlock the computer yesterday, will discuss when I can do so without sounding really creepily obsessed with chipsets and NASs.)

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children of dune - leto 1

oh dear

While talking to a nice person I know about building a NAS (Network Attached Storage), I was about to suggest going for coffee after work (yes, coffee. That I can't actually drink) and then stopped myself when I realized I wasn't so much interested in dating them as maybe having someone to build a server and configure RAID. I had three separate fantasy sequences involving how we would build a chassis.

Also? Still not sure what their name is. That's awkward. Pretty sure they maybe work across the hall? *hands*

I'm going to pretend this didn't happen.

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