September 14th, 2010

children of dune - leto 1

insta!rec - intemperance by basingstoke

Intemperance by [personal profile] basingstoke, Sherlock Holmes movieverse, gen - written in first person John Watson with some of the best use and control of Victorian and first person language I've seen in any fiction, fan or pro. Holmes comes to Watson and Mary for assistance. This is another one that giving away anything more will take away from the reveal of the story, so if you're unsure, please check the headers at the link first. It's not just a unique story, but a unique way of telling it, and in a way that matches the pastiche of the era and the movie very well. And I love how it flows together; the very narration makes it feel possible, likely, and very honest.

In other words, really, read this one.

While I'm here, another couple of recs.

Rough Edges series by [personal profile] basingstoke, Sherlock (BBC), mostly gen, hilarious. First two are also a crossover with Black Books. The Holmes family is hilarious and so very terrifying. And they give their children really unsettling names. Three stories in the series, all awesome.

Pedestrian by vegarin, Sherlock (BBC), gen, set directly before the climax of The Great Game. This is, by far, one of the best John Watson's I've read and he and Moriarty's conversation is a field of landmines and unexpected, shocking insights.

The Paradox Suite by wordstrings, Sherlock (BBC), Sherlock/John - this one has been recced like, half the places I was sent, I think, and rightly so. I just love this for all the views of John and Sherlock and being in love with someone that sometimes who never really pretends he's really human and that's pretty much okay.

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