September 11th, 2010

children of dune - leto 1

so this is what my saturdays look like these days

Sherlock the laptop now has an arrival date of 9/15 and let me say thank God. I found my old laptop cooler that is broken and am currently using that since I can't get Adam the laptop below 85C without it and have a running burn on my inner calf at this point. I also ordered a new laptop cooler since the XPS 16 apparently runs hot on its own, which is not a surprise when I look at the specs and then the processor.

This irritates me. I'm not an engineer, I just like to put things together and take them apart, and I cannot imagine how people who can get us to the moon are still not able to work laptop design to be cooler. And it is a design problem, not a hardware problem, and surely after all this time, someone should have worked out a way to marry form and function to not-burning. Which I think is a dual problem in that a.) a laptop despite the name is not supposed to sit on your lap and b.) no matter how many times it's fairly clear that's what people do with it, designers don't seem to want to let go of that. Yes, we have it on our lap. Yes, that does interfere with cooling fans. Hey, idea: find a way to move the fans or how it cools. This is in fact rocket science; that's why you have a fucking doctorate in Useful Engineering Shit. Get on that.

Of course, I'm still boggling that laptop coolers are constantly having powercord breakage. I'm beginning to think that building my own is a viable idea, just so I can design the damn thing for hey, the fact it sits on my lap.

In other news, TMI of the sex toy variety; yeah, yeah, yeah, that's why there's a cut.

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Hey, because I like keeping a reference list of these things. If you want to recommend, please do. If you have comments on other people's recommendations, do so! Updating as people add suggestions.

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