September 8th, 2010

children of dune - leto 1

this is not a tragedy, more a moment of silence

Just a warning, sort of--I'm sad to say that Adam the laptop has either a.) a fan issue or b.) a motherboard issue (secret answer c.) IDEK but I've taken it apart enough to narrow down the options).

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So Adam will be retired.

Luckily, I still have extra money from my debt payoff I was saving for January and official computer buying month, so I ordered a new laptop, tentatively named Sherlock, but I need to meet him first before I'm sure. So if I don't answer email or post for a few days, I am not a.) dead, b.) in the hospital with pneumonia, or c.) just really hate you, Adam is just being antsy or possibly burned out. I'm putting my netbook back together for emergencies, but I'm in a key soldering moment and it kind of hurts. I think it should be okay, though; when Sherlock gets here, I'll transfer everything, back it up, and break Adam down to see if I can track down the exact problem and how to fix it.

OTOH, the new processor is an i7 and I won't say I cried when I configured it, but it was a very close thing. The RAM is twice the speed of my current RAM and the laptop holds 8G. God. I was torn between this and the Alienware 15x, but okay, call me shallow, but I loathe the design even if it had a faster processor. So I went with the Dell Studio XPS 16 (yes, I actually do need to buy stock in Dell at this point).

This is Sherlock.

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Anyway, it's supposed to be here by the 24th, so I'll post a review of my experience with it. It will probably be something like "WHEE SPEED FAST PRETTY SHINY SPEEEEEDDDDD". As one does.

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