August 30th, 2010

children of dune - leto 1

more recs, because I need the positive reinforcement

I have two days until we lose five testers and four contractors entirely from my department and I can tell you right now, this cannot end well. So instead of pondering how my life will turn into a darkness I cannot imagine, recs!

All Kradam, per usual.

Still Not Updated!

Starstruck by akavertigo - it's very depressing. I don't want to say I am crying, but in two days? It could happen.

New Ones!

Hunt - WIP - insanely well written--and I do mean extremely well written and stylish--vampire AU. Okay, here is where I just beg--please update this? Whoever wrote it? Please? Some semi-explicit violence, but this is me and I find it in this context kind of insanely hot? So yeah. This is good. Dammit. Worth reading for the flawless style alone even in wip form and yes, hot.

Soulmate Root by [personal profile] silsecri - Complete! Yay! Okay this is kind of insanely adorable. Adam tries to grow a soulmate. It's, IDK, adorable.

Steel Angel - Complete! It's a needle kink, so if that doesn't work for you, yeah, DNW. If you are neutral on the needle issue, yeah, go for it, like now. It's fascinating from a kink perspective as well as how they go about it.

The One Involving Ginger - Complete! I have no idea what to say about this, since most of us do not have issues with ginger but also probably wouldn't instinctively put it to this use. So that's kind of insanely hot, so you know, thanks, now I know what I'll be thinking next time I buy ginger for Thanksgiving. Explicit D/s.

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