August 29th, 2010

children of dune - leto 1

this month in music, or my musical phases are very phasy

One of the benefits of Amazon and iTunes slowly but surely expanding their musical offerings is stumbling over stuff I never knew the name of, who it was by, or when I heard it, but still have on carefully preserved tapes from junior high and high school. I don't actually own anything that can play a tape--hilarity--but I can't make myself throw them away, because back then, I had to record from radio, being, y'know, poor and only having like, a few radio stations I could get in the country, so each song represents a serious investment of time and energy sitting by the radio and listening. And I don't mean casually; I mean, listening for hours and hours waiting for a song I liked, or when I got my very first stereo, saving up for blank tapes and then leaving one tape to record on the longest available play on the radio and spending my time after school the next day listening to it and carefully using the double tape deck to record the songs I liked from one tape to another.

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So this entry got surprisingly long. Anyone have any recs they'd like to toss out?

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