August 27th, 2010

children of dune - leto 1

there are no stars here and i don't want them anyway

So after losing my glasses, my work ID badge, and feeling the great weight of horror when I realized hey, this isn't really Friday since I have mandatory work on Saturday, potentially indefinitely, I'm going to speculate this will be a Bad Day.

So today is a day of Lowered Expectations.

My lowered expectation of the day: I will not throw my tiny bowl of refried beans at anyone's face with the intent of bodily harm should they ask me any of these three questions:

1.) Say, did you get that job?
2.) Hey, you have some time to do a few more tests....?
3.) How are you?

I will give myself extra points if I also manage the following but am aware this may be a little too ambitious today.

1.) Not stare hatefully at anyone who looks at me.
2.) Not hide in the bathroom stall to play sudoku on my phone, Fiendish level.
3.) Not hide under my desk to play sudoku on my phone, Fiendish level.

I will not accomplish the following things and accept that totally:

1.) smile.
2.) enjoy the company of other human beings.
3.) not play sudoku, Fiendish level, on my phone while at my desk.

This is a day of lowered expectations. Excuse me while I try to finish my refried beans before anyone realizes I'm here. I really like them, but the container is very aerodynamic and I'm already getting a headache without my glasses.

Anyone want to add their own?

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children of dune - leto 1

thinking positive aka recs!

Yeah, I need to cheer myself up. All AI, all Kradam.

Completed! Papa Don't Preach (title will never not be awesome) completed! Kradam mpreg, and possibly a crossover with The Exorcist? Or Children of the Corn near the end. You'll see what I mean.

Added to! Queenrider K'ris Dragonrider AU with two new sections! And thank God for this: new sections 3A and 3B and anyone but me want to kill the entire weyr for making K'ris sad? Yeah. Exactly.

Not Updated Because She Hates Us! Starstruck by akavertigo has not updated. Not bitter, and she can thank K'ris for that, being all cute and downtrodden and seriously, his dragon should eat everyone.

Not Updated But Will Be One Day Soon Maybe? Backwards, aka The Spanking Fic of My Heart, and as I didn't know I a.) liked spanking fic or b.) liked enough of them to have like, a rating system, yeah, this. It's not complete, but um, pretty sure what's there will work for you.

Complete! Proof of Life by moirariordan - Ummm. Read prompt? Did you? Yeah. It's even better than that.

Complete! Jet Plane from Places prompt on teamcockert, yeah, go read right now. There is no possible way this will not improve your day and like, maybe your life and faith in humanity and like, IDK, level of personal satisfaction with the universe.

So porn really does make everything better, right?

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