July 31st, 2010

children of dune - leto 1

hopefully they'll sleep it off

Now I know I'm on vacation.

Truck full of drunken persons being loud while pregnant maybe-spouse comes down to glare, and unpleasant language is used (by the drunken persons, at length, and for no reason I can discover). Y'all, I wish I could describe it better, but I'm trying to pretend I'm not here. I get embarrassment by proxy, and also, drunken people tend to not care if you are not of their group if they see you and I'm so not in the mood to deal. I grew up around melancholy drunks, aggressive drunks, sleepy drunks, and happy drunks; I know my drunks and the methodology of handling. I am not feeling the desire to exercise my skills right now.

...and someone just sat on the horn like a lifestyle choice. *winces*

The things is, I don't understand this kind of drunk, honestly. Let me quote.

[personal profile] seperis: A pregnant-maybe-spouse came down to glare.
[personal profile] scy: ....
[personal profile] scy: good grief people
[personal profile] scy: get drunk in private
[personal profile] scy: quietly
[personal profile] scy: and then cuddle other people
[personal profile] scy: and sleep
[personal profile] seperis: YES
[personal profile] seperis: That is drunkenness!
[personal profile] seperis: Drunk in private, love your neighbor,, cuddle up with people, maybe some making out.
[personal profile] seperis: Why is this hard?
[personal profile] scy: IDEK

Further note: my aunt has apparently been working up to questioning me about my sexuality for a while now, as it came out tonight in an impressively subtle turn of conversation, and I didn't guess where it was going until we were already there. That was a genuine surprise. For all her faults--and she has many, and she has reason for some of them developing as well, and she hasn't had an easy life--she's very hard to shock, because there's very little she hasn't done and even less she doesn't want to. When she was younger, she was singer in a band that toured the country; she told me about performing in Chicago in her early twenties, the days of driving between cities and towns in the early seventies, well before I was born.

Oh thank God, the drunken people are gone so now all I can hear is the ocean.

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children of dune - leto 1

late afternoon on the shore

So last night we got unexpectedly ungraded after a room above the room we had last year became available. To say I am surprised is an understatement, but the management carried on the conversation with my youngest sister, famous for her tact and ability to actually get along with anyone, so I assume this was on the strength of her being super nice all the time and not my mother and middle sister's temper tantrum.

I admit, bad behavior shouldn't be encouraged, but this one has a wrap around porch and the most beautiful view in the world. If your experience of Texas beaches has been south padre or Galveston, mustang island is nothing like it. The dunes and beach area were turned into park and protected, which means development is far behind high tide at the very closest, and in some areas even farther back than that. The dunes are also protected territory. I'd have to look up the exact number of feet, but trust me, when you're driving down the beach, some of the development is as straight as a ruler up to a certain point beyond the dunes. It's not a long walk--I mean, I can see people playing on the beach right now--but it does keep teh beach itself gorgeous and so you don't have to stay at any particular place to get access to the beach. It's for everyone.

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