July 23rd, 2010

children of dune - leto 1

rec - aground upon the sea by minglingcrab

Aground Upon the Sea by minglingcrab - AIRPS, Adam/Kris, others.

I have been trying to figure out how to rec this and keep coming up short because I have to start with this: this is a hooker merpeople AU, and I can actually see people twitching, and seriously, stop and just go read it anyway. I don't know what this is, because crack will never be the right word to describe it. It's rich and bleak and takes such breathtaking leaps and went places I didn't know were there and dragged me straight through to the end, an entire world created and explored and examined. It's nothing like I expected, and it's nothing like I could possibly have expected anywhere.

This isn't a story anyone should miss. This is why fanfic exists--to take something known and make it something new and startling and unexpected, twist expectations into tight knots and leave you breathless and confused and awed by what was done here. And the last two lines kill me every time I read them.

And that's all I'm giving on this one for spoilers; it has to be read to understand why I'm still looking at it and thinking I seriously, seriously love fanfic when it can do something like this.

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