July 5th, 2010

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i am glad strangers want to tell me my choices are like, okay

Okay, I had this resolution not to post about things that piss me off--there are so many!--until I had waited twenty-four hours to see if I was still pissed.

But seriously. How the hell did we get to this?

In this post about breastfeeding and VVC and vidshows this thread kinda maybe got to me. Maybe a little.
There is something wrong with any policy that excludes the people who've chosen the healthiest, safest options for their families.

I need to ask; is it really really required that any mention anywhere of breastfeeding has to attach judgment to people who don't breastfeed? The later "clarification" is not really working for me either; I guess I'm glad elf is totally not judging non-breastfeeders? There's a helpful list of reasons it's okay to make that choice. It's here.
I don't think any woman should feel guilty for choosing formula. Not even if, years later, she looks back and says "I should've done it differently." We're all working from limited information and making decisions we may decide later were the wrong ones.

That's very magnanimous of you, thanks.

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children of dune - leto 1

signal boost: on warnings at vividcon by arduinna

Gakked from [personal profile] morgandawn, whom I'm going to just wholesale quote since she did the summarizing and added another link for context:
[personal profile] arduinna used last year's Vividcon vid show to come up with numbers on how many of the 38 premiering vids would require trigger warnings (as they are being defined by some advocating warnings): 38 of 39 vids would have required warnings. You can see her breakdown, the criteria she applied, and participate in the discussion about what it all means in her journal here.

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