July 1st, 2010

children of dune - leto 1

this will be the story of horace, the gallbladder

So the consultation with the surgeon was relatively short. He was informative and kind of hopeful I'd be more talkative, I think. Good luck with that, but I tried to make him feel he was successful in being reassuring.

So here as is I understand it, provided everything remains status quo.

Surgery will be the last week in August, which he was fine with. They're doing something called SILS - single incision lacroscopic surgery. It apparently is about as minimal as we can get and still call it surgery; they will go in through my belly button only. Recovery time should be one week or so. It can easily be changed to the classic version, but he didn't seem worried that would come up.

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Okay, with my fate locked in stone, I have the following things to concentrate on.

1.) [personal profile] scy in Seattle! Hanging out! What to wear to Adam's concert. If anyone wants to give suggestions, feel free. I am all about suggestions.

2.) work. Er, I'll think about that later.

3.) [personal profile] svmadelyn in Chicago! VVC! Hanging out with my friends! Watching vids!

4.) Beach with family.

5.) Tea. Of course.

*blows out breath* I will worry about this again on August 9, when I return from Chicago.

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