June 17th, 2010

version one, frog love

i swear work is not my life, but right now i can't prove it

Just in case, considering I have a history of saying I am not feeling well and then a surprise!post from svmadelyn saying I'm in the hospital ([personal profile] amireal runs a pool on this now): if I'm offline for a few days, it's likely work that is trying to destroy my will to live. I'm helping with a presentation at work and it's important that the person in charge of the presentation does really well so I am weirdly kicked out of my usual work apathy and being all diligent and helpful and God I don't think I've put this much effort into work in like, ever. Luckily the presentation is on either Monday or Tuesday (probably Monday; I have that kind of luck), so the horror will soon be over and I can return to my usual slackery ways.

It's very disconcerting. I'm using several spreadsheets. Granted, that part is fun.

I need like, a long weekend of sleeping and possibly porn. Not even in that order.

I am so making brownies this weekend. Or like, going to buy some. Or send someone else to buy some and possibly feed me. Or maybe just look at picture of brownies, as chewing feels like work. Too much work, maybe.

I just realized I only have three icons here. Why do I only have three icons here? I need to find another Adam icon.

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