June 8th, 2010

children of dune - leto 1

so unexpected thing is unexpected

Went to ultrasound; doctor states I have gallstones?

God, that word just lacks style so much. The question mark is more a product of my lack of ability to put this in context or like, you know, wtf? I am going to be consulting with a surgeon, or so my doctor reports. I feel this entire thing is a product of the fact that this morning I was texting svmadelyn about how pretty the hospital is. And it is! Glass and steel and a garden and all modern and comforting and now, you know, surgery.

Okay, yes, of course I googled, but you know, people who have had this or done this or whatever, give me an idea of what level of panic I need to be graduating to? I am more at the stage of "what the hell".

*sighs and hits google* I reserve the right to be really weird about this for a while.

ETA: I am breaking my soda only on weekends rule. Wikipedia is so very--informative. I've named my gallbladder Horace. If something has this many issues, it gets a name that is easier to use for hating it purposes.

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