June 4th, 2010

children of dune - leto 1

waking up to tea in your cup


I accidentally fell asleep at six yesterday; after waking a couple of times without remembering, right, get up, I woke up at seven thirty this morning and realized it was not all a terrible dream. I loathe oversleep; it's like all the worst parts of being stoned without the pleasant sense of stoned-ness and desire for lots of food. I think I am here, but I cannot be certain. Mostly, I miss coffee. Coffee took care of things like this.

God, I miss coffee.

No Argh

After years and years of despairing I'd ever get Child to read fiction (as opposed to piles and piles and piles of non-fiction about reptiles), he finally broke the last couple of years when his reading and English classes required novels (I love his school so much); Child has Diane Duane's first three Young Wizard novels in his hot little hands and I've been informed he'll need the rest of them by Monday at the latest.

Actually, checking my B&N and Amazon purchases, he's not doing too badly with them, but I want him to get a better variety of sci-fi/fantasy beyond white male writers, though to his credit, and his school's, they do seem to have a pretty good variety of non-white male writers introduced to the students in their AR (advanced reading).

As a kid, from about fourth-fifth grade on, I skipped children's and young adult literature to go straight to adult and it's not that I regret it, but I know I missed a variety of interesting novels that I'm getting a second chance at now to read and be impressed by.

Some Argh

I am starting to add milk or cream to my tea. It is odd. I hated the taste of that before, but now I make my tea very strong just so I can do that. I mean, I get this is partially psychological; I cannot have coffee, but if my tea looks like coffee, then it's almost like having coffee, even if the taste of tea and milk together appalls me.

Now, here's proof that you really can adapt to anything; I am staring to like how it tastes. Not just like, but anticipate. I don't even know what to do with that.

Yay No Argh!

The tops I got from ideeli shipped! *glee*

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