June 3rd, 2010

children of dune - leto 1

okay, it's early in the month for music, but i really needed it

I suspect the next two weeks of my life are going to suck, workwise, which means everything will suck, and the sink at work is not large enough to drown in. I think we should order new ones?

I'm indulging my inner angst.


This isn't a full music review, since I was kind of aware of exactly what I was looking for. I surfed using Augustana as my start point, so these are all in four or less degrees of separation from them in iTunes links.

All are youtube links to the songs.

Something More by Secondhand Serenade - look, I am self-aware enough to kind of almost be embarrassed, but not enough to care? I started listening to them when I was writing Merlin--wow, did Merlin do well with their last album as a soundtrack--and they are listenable but only Fall For You really stuck with me--but this one is what I was waiting for.

I talked about how I have semi-hardwired music preferences, the Continuum of Good Enough; it's fairly rangey, granted, but it's also repetitive and done bad a lot and I get sick of it fast--there are reasons I had a playlist entirely devoted to Fall Out Boy, Cobra Starship, and Three Days Grace for leavening. This song falls in the high end of the range--it's not like Coldplay or The Fray or Augustana, but the second time I head it, it clicked hard. It's moody and a little dreamy and is doing something that the earlier album hinted at; this is what I was looking for. I think I would say it's more mainstream than their earlier albums, but keep in mind, I'm in Austin and I embrace mainstream as a lifestyle choice.

Twenty Years by Augustana - this is what I was downloading when I hit Meatloaf and had a moment. It's fairly quiet and then a slow build, which I love, but I think it's mostly I like their sound and just want more.

Bring You Back by Hawthorne Heights - to be fair, I liked the song before I read the bio, but the bio of the album confirmed it. It's grief with a guitar and a hard backbeat. It actually isn't depressing, even with the album backstory. I like it.

Hold On to You by Story of the Year - you may be sensing a theme here. I said it up front, I was searching by theme. Slightly moodier than Bring You Back, really good for keeping awake, and I wonder if I'm waiting for this one to hit my continuum harder. This one is good, but they could be really good.

The Story Left Untold by Every Avenue - nothing particularly new or interesting, though for some reason, they remind me of Lifehouse, though technically speaking, this song really isn't. I'm not sure I'll ever love it, but I do like it a lot.

My top five for number of plays in iTunes as follows:

Chemistry of a Car Crash, Shiny Toy Guns, 800
Tanglewood Tree, Chris and Meredith, 787 (blame (This Is) Not a Statement; I had it on repeat up through the Vegas parts until...
Chances, Five For Fighting, 774, which I wrote the last ten thousand words to.
Enough For Now, the Fray, 674
Closer to You, Wallflowers, 589

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