May 14th, 2010

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help me find tea

So finally we are getting an electric tea pot for work, since slowly but surely our Indian contractors have managed to institute an informal tea time around three (I love them) and it gets a little crowded in the breakroom with half the men in my unit and two microwaves (they have lured pretty much all xy chromosomes into this; trust me, if you have never seen a breakroom the size of a closet filled to the brim with various males looking casual while clutching their mugs and loose tea and chatting while eyeing the microwave, you have not lived), so I need to upgrade my tea supply in response to endless hot water and no microwave wait.

Tell me of reliable online shops that carry tea I can buy from, preferably that carry both bag and loose. And what are your favorite brands? I am kind of religiously Twinnings and Bencheley and sometimes Republic of Tea, but that's more easy-access than like, some deep meaningful relationship (Except Bencheley apricot and Twinnings black currant--my OTTs).

I haven't been this excited about work since--um, ever. I wonder if there's any chance we could slip snacks into tea time?

ETA: Also, weirdly, I found one a while back called The London Cuppa. It was good. *eyeing it thoughtfully*

ETA 2: Have ordered Adagio, since seriously, that seems to be very popular among you all? And also, wow, their site. Am eyeing other recommendations as my God, so much tea.

Thanks very, very much for all the recommendations!

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