April 9th, 2010

children of dune - leto 1

who thought of this and why do they hate happiness?

Jeggings, like leggings but made with denim. Because skinny jeans didn't have quite enough of that "impossible to peel off once finally on without scissors" chic and God knows, who doesn't want their clothing to mimic our skin so closely you can identify their religion and ho-ho consumption on a glance.

....I'm going to just put this on the table. Jeggings is not as insane as iPad as a name. They could tie.


Lowered Expectation of the Day

Do not pour your coffee onto your keyboard and announce it's a technological sacrifice to Cthulhu (or SCP-682, whichever).

(I will say I am resisting it only because I don't have a lot of coffee left and I can't be sure it will actually summon him and forever destroy Euclidean geometry and mortal men's minds. Or something.)

Jeggings. Seriously.
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children of dune - leto 1

adding a title

Actually, this is a test of crossposting. But I will add content, because finally I can read my LJ Flist.

Complete disclosure: work has weird issues with some websites at random times, and DW and several other sites (like, say, CNN) go out on me for no reason I can work out other than pure technological spite. So crossposting might be spotty when posting from work.

Part A

I have five spare DW codes. Comment and you are welcome to one of them.

Part B

The great debt clearing of 2010 is almost over. I did a more extensive flocked post on this, but I spent the last year overpaying to my 457 and playing with my honest to God ridiculous stock account and managed to save enough to pull one third of my stock profits and borrow heavily against my 457 to do a mass payoff of what will end up being a total of four credit cards, my Dell account, and a personal loan I got forever ago. This year was very--not bad, but let's say it will be nice to be contributing a normal amount of my check toward my 457 (plus loan payback) and have like, normal disposable income.

Before anyone looks at the stock thing and goes, really? I will be honest with you. This should not have worked. I spreadsheeted worst and best case scenario. I did better than my most realistic best case scenario and this proves the stock market is evil and very possibly controlled by the spirit of Loki, and I need to repeat this--I don't know how this happened.

However, this is not to say anyone shouldn't or couldn't do it. I'll be honest--even if I'd done not so great, it is fun. I started a second custodial account for Child, and while I'm a lot more conservative with him than I was--or I am--with myself, it's still something I think now I'm comfortable doing. So there you go.

Part C

I celebrated my somewhat-freedom with netbooks for my sisters and my personal gift to myself is a new Netgear N Router, which has the highest ratings for a dual-band and will help with the immense amount of internet traffic in a house where the number of computers outnumber the number of people who live here. I'm staring thoughtfully at Road Runner national mobile, which will supplement my phone in assuring I will never suffer the deprivation of not being online at any given second. My major city of visiting is Chicago, where svmadelyn lives, where there is access to it through G3/G4, so it seems like a good idea , along with some other cities that are out there and I could end up in at some point.

(I should get her ten year plan for if she intends to move so I can check those cities for access. Or maybe just give her a list of acceptable cities to move to? What do you think?)

Part D

Gakked from [personal profile] everysecondtuesday here: the community formerly known as fanspastic changed its name to [community profile] fangasmic, moderators' post and counterpost on the subject.

I apologize to those that were offended or upset by the name--I didn't recognize it as ableist language when I posted the link in my LJ until ratcreature pointed it out and another person confirmed it soon after. I hadn't ever heard it used as a medical term (though I know it's connected to cerebal palsy, I'd only read that and weirdly, that didn't translate to my verbal vocabulary), but that doesn't excuse my ignorance of it being used derogatorily. As an aside, is this where the term 'spaz' comes from? I checked slang entymology on google and I'm pretty sure it does (and even if it doesn't, it's close enough that I really don't feel the niche it has in my vocabulary is so important I need to keep it around), but I just wanted to check.

Part E

I cannot believe how much dw specific html I forgot. Gah.

I'm still torn on the import function for DW, so I haven't made a point to import my entire LJ here, though I'm still archiving it, and I'm seriously leaning toward it if LJ's servers keep up this. For me, ti's been doing the slow-service thing for a couple of weeks now and it's getting both irritating and worrying.

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