April 7th, 2010

children of dune - leto 1

it's been a relatively good day. my expectations were mediocre.

In celebration of going into debt-freeness, mostly, I bought both my sisters Dell minis for their birthdays (March and May) and gave the May birthday hers, since there's no way I can sit on that for a month. This is basically my last extravagant purchase until the Android tablet comes out, depending on what kind of keyboard can be harnessed to it. And I cut all my credit cards but the Best Buy one, for the aforementioned Android tablet. Officially, I have one account paid off, and for the next few days, I'll be paying off one card/account a day.

This is proof the stock market is stupid and insane and makes no sense. I am okay with this.

I did not realize this weekend was the release of the iPad. That kind of makes it even more awesome, in a way.

I am like, pleased that those that bought theirs are loving it? But a.) hard drive size b.) no flash c.) no keyboard d.) no multitasking? I start getting freaked out imagining not being able to surf and chat with background music while I write. People do that?

P.S. It is not that I hate Apple or anything. I have an ipod! I gave it to my mom, true, when my Android phone showed itself copasetic with easy music listening, but I do have iTunes. I am saying, if I can't disassemble something myself into its component parts, upgrade it, reinstall and reconfigure it, and reassemble at home, I cannot deal with it. One third of my personal fun is centered on a rainy day, my screwdriver set, and a sense of wild curiosity.

And yes, I can break down my Android phone. It's not easy, but I can do it, and I liked it.

Is this where I say my name is Seperis and I'm a PC user? I'm also a future tester for subdermal internet access, so I can surf the internet with my mind. Why this has not happened yet I do not know.

ETA: Okay, level with me. I get the entire ~futureistic~ thing of the onscreen keyboard, but is anyone but me just not feeling it for like, normal use? Well, normal-me use, which is a lot. Just. WTF? Future, stop fucking with my keyboard.

ETA 2 Gemini, the Android tablet - to say I am lusting after this is an understatement.