March 21st, 2010

children of dune - leto 1

rec - john sheppard, age 12

So years ago, me and svmadelyn and later miss_porcupine worked on a series called Teacher's Pet. For Wip Amnesty, svmadelyn posted this:

John Sheppard, Age 12 in which John discovers girls, dancing, and adorableness. And Rodney attempts educational porn. You can see where this could go.

*clutches fic* This is so cute I squeal.

Speaking of, svmadelyn declared today WIP Amnesty Day. Bring out the WIPs you know you will never finish and feel the catharsis of finally posting them!
children of dune - leto 1

you say hello

Health Care Reform has passed.

It's not everything. This won't be where it ends, but it's where it starts. I didn't expect I'd get to say this, that I'd mean it.

Dear Democratic Party,

This is why I say I'm a Democrat, not an Independent, not undecided. This is why when I'm asked, I don't say I'm not sure, that I'm thinking about it, this is why I never skid around the word like it's dirty when it's anything and everything but. This is what we are, what we're supposed to be, and what we do. I worked over two thousand cases when I was a caseworker and I denied people Medicaid until I hated myself when I went to bed and got up to figure out how I could reconcile the flagrant immorality of what I did when I followed the law with living with myself.

That's what got me through my day. That and fucking google and 211 and the thousand stopgaps created to help a system so broken that it felt impossible it could ever be fixed.

That, and thinking, one day, it would be better. I just had to wait, and I had to hope, and I had to believe that we could do better, because God knows, we couldn't get much worse.

I'm a Democrat and you didn't disappoint me. You did, however, change our world. Well fucking done. Now keep doing it.