March 15th, 2010

children of dune - leto 1

why are these people web-enabled?

Okay, level with me--the point of Facebook is to:

a.) be annoyed by your mother's obsession with getting gifts for Farmville.
b.) learn to hate fish every time you look at your feed.
c.) so people you met before the age of reason, or fuck, the age of puberty, can track you down like some kind of goddamn dark magic GPS, because I refuse to believe anything as beautiful as computers could be responsible for this shit.
d.) ex-boyfriends from non-English speaking countries who were instrumental in your growth and development can friend you. No reason.
e.) a long-lost friend is into otaku-like beliefs but in relation to the Fae (yes, nymphaea1, I am not joking, I have evidence) and sends you pictures (EVIDENCE). Of her wings (NOT KIDDING).
f.) Fundamentalist relatives. I'll just leave that as-is.
f.) give you a glimpse of what hell will be like in terms of population. Yeah, this.

Guess how many of these are happening to me right now?

Okay, showtime. Beat that list. I totally dare you.
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children of dune - leto 1

sugar versus corn syrup?

Also, this is random, but I'm curious.

I have been trying, without success, to cut soda out of my diet on weekdays, what with thyroid and health and whatever, and well. This would work if I didn't have to go to work, where somehow, the two minutes it takes to make tea feels like a lifetime and the coffee at work does really unfortunate things which aren't mentionable in polite company so please don't ask.

However, a couple of weeks ago, Pepsi Original (WITH SUGAR!) came back again and I switched to drinking that, figuring if I am going to be unhealthy I might as well drink something I love. There is no fructose or related corn syrups. And my weight dropped. Like, in a way that was vaguely disturbing, as my favorite jeans now require a belt and I love my jeans.

Now granted, I am in the middle of thirty to forty-five minutes a day of Dance Dance Revolution 3 on Difficult Level (God I love that game), but a.) I am not interested in losing weight (did I mention I went up a cup size last year and happiness?) and b.) I am not trying to lose weight, and c.) I've only been doing this for about five days, so there's no fucking way. I freaked with my jeans and verified with the scale there's been at least a seven to twelve drop in the last three and a half weeks (corresponding when I went through my trying-to-quit-soda to started-original-sugar-pepsi). Now granted, I have been religious in taking my thyroid medication, but I'm five ten and no matter what BMI says, there's a point where I start to take on the vague look of someone who has far too many bones and to remind myself, I pull out high school pictures of the dark days of 130 pounds and college 125 to 150 and wince heartily because no, no, and God no. And also, my hair. God. What was I thinking? Which is why you will never see pictures of me from that age, because it's fucking creepy.

Does sugar burn off faster than corn syrup or something? Granted, we're talking combination of factors, but that's the only two things I can verify have changed in my diet. Well, fine, and I got more Duncan Donuts coffee (my God, yes), but really, if that was the answer, I think it would be a lot more popular.

I also want to recommend Dance Dance Revolution 3. It has a rickroll and that is awesome. It also has Ice Ice Baby, Just Dance, Enjoy the Silence, and Hungry Like the Wolf. The latter two confuse Child a great deal (Wolf with added WTF--seriously, this and seeing the video to Africa by Toto are incredibly, painfully jarring). There's just no way to explain the eighties video aesthetic. There's also no way to explain The Space Dance, really; that's just disturbing. Gorillaz, however, is never not awesome. The surreality of three separate decades of music cannot enough be commented on.