February 17th, 2010

children of dune - leto 1

wish fufillment as an exercise in deliciousness

So you know how you're like, whining at a coworker (and making him check your scripts) about how you are starving and send him a detailed explanation of exactly the right kind of breakfast taco and where to get it, and then like, it shows up on your desk because you are fucking magic today?

...or possibly, you know, you tortured him when he was really hungry and he got you one because he knew you'd steal his if he didn't? Pretty sure he took orders from everyone. (Thank you R!)

Yeah. I go with magic, myself. Bacon, egg, potato, cheese, oh my God refried bean*, I think I'm totes in love. I'm also still eating, so hunger could be affecting my judgment.

*wriggles fingers* I want...a blue pony. With wings. And a horn.

Magic, yo.

* Refried beans is new. Let me say, why the fuck haven't I been adding this to all my breakfast tacos, because sublime is an understatement for the sheer complexity of WHEE DELICIOUS. Wow.