February 10th, 2010

children of dune - leto 1

airpsfic: (this is) not a statement, 8/10

(this is) not a statement, 8
by Seperis
AIRPS, Adam, Kris, Adam/Kris
Notes: Title from starandrea who named it in delicious and saved me the effort, as titles stress me. Thanks to tricksterquinn and transtempts for prereading and shinetheway for beta efforts and with any kind of luck I fixed all my weird tense issues.

A huge thanks, again, to daemonicangel for commissioning art for this from katekat1010 for this story, which is here and did I mention, awesome? As it really is.

first part, second part, third part, fourth part, fifth part, sixth part, seventh part, eighth part, ninth part, tenth part

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children of dune - leto 1

stop me if you think i'm off track or something, but....

Note to the people running interface stuff at work for our next meeting;

If, at any time, the only reason I understand anything you say is because I've watched Star Trek since I was pre-verbal, I think your approach to the rest of us should maybe undergo a revision.

If what you say I recognize as a season four plotline of Voyager, I really feel I should warn you, deux ex machinas will not save us from what you are perpetuating in the name of science.

If what you say I recognize as something I wrote in the fandom, I was right? Really? I thought they made that up, hence the term technobabble. Also, now I want to go and spellcheck again.

If you're actually Borg, so much of my work life makes sense right now. Can we schedule assimilation sometime after I get a nap, though?

why the hell didn't i become a nun and raise miniature horses in Brenham