February 9th, 2010

children of dune - leto 1

this has been a very, very good day.


Removed the LCD screen from pretty much the entire lid of the laptop and transported it into the new lid. It is green. Really. Really. Green. I do not yet know if Adam the laptop approves.

...seriously, it's green.

Notes: if anyone needs to remove their LCD screen basically from the entire lid of their laptop and they have a Dell--it's not as terrifying as it looks. Just A.) keep track of your screws and B.) relax. It actually was a lot easier than I thought, though I had to be rougher on the old bezel (front around the screen) to get it off. Also, on mine, the directions weren't clear about the microphone/camera connector; I wasn't supposed to remove it from the tiny panel. I had to unscrew and move the entire tiny panel it was attached to, because that did not come with the cover. It went pretty fast. Start to finish, twenty minutes, including time to grab my old laptop and get some screws from it when I lost a couple. Doubtless my foot will find it soon enough.


daemonicangel bid on katekat1010 at the last Haiti dollar drive and um, asked for her to make me a pic for (this is) not a statement, which she explained in this comment. *hands* Okay, seriously, the multiple levels of awesome in that sentence cannot enough be emphasized. I'm hotlinking to the pic because I'm having a fight with my website and LJ is being difficult about uploading, so below cut.

Seriously. I spent like, a lot of time staring blankly going "Really?" This is kind of beyond a thank you, but first, thank you daemonicangel so much, and katekat1010 for making something so dammn cool, and second, look at it. I really just--a lot of gratitude. This makes up for the fact I broke 40K today on a fic that started at a thousand, not including the 10K or so I've cut out of the main story so far, or the original version I trashed because it was--weird. How do I get into these kinds of messes I just do not know.

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So my night was pretty darn good. I actually feel less actively homicidal about work. Yeah. Less homicidal.