January 20th, 2010

children of dune - leto 1

boring life experiences

Things that are new:

1.) Got a new network card for my laptop wiht the n standard. I have no idea if it's better yet. I think it is. I'm hoping with my laptop on the 5G band, the pressure on the router will ease with everything else on the other.

2.) Tragically last week, Arthur the G1 met an unfortunate end in the washer. So I ordered a new one, as he was insured. That didn't work. So I got another one! Which worked. Yes, his name is Adam. And so I have my phone internet access back.

3.) help_haiti has closed auctions! It's very exciting and unnerving.

That is my life. Except I still have a keyboard delay and this is going to drive me nuts really soon now.