December 28th, 2009

children of dune - leto 1

it's too early for logic

So it's morning and I'm usually like, much more subtle at making people read something for me, except when I kind of whined to winterlive who gave me jamesinboots because I was kind of like, about to have some kind of seizure and I wrote her Adam/Brad porn in GChat. That is now off-topic. My Method of Convincing My Friends to Read My Fic (this shit is hard. svmadelyn last read my Chuck fic. Last year. It was a Christmas present. I am a really cheap date sometimes.). As you can see, it is highly effective.

*context-I describe a really, really generic fandom trope (I am not going for original here. I am going with "Okay, this would be fucking hilarious" and then write it. It is an awesome method.)

Seperis: Is that okay? I want you to read it.

*insert really long pause here

Amireal: It's fandom, we can all be what we want?
Seperis:'s much less creepy than it was!


Seperis: Eventually. Not now. IT IS MUCH LESS CREEPY...Seriously! How often do i say that so excitedly?
Amireal: more than you think?


Also, yes, she agreed, obviously, but okay, for the record, I do not normally lower my creep factor. Okay, if I am going to blood and toads and Clark brands Lex for the Religion of Superman and Merlin mindfucking Arthur during sex while plotting Uther's death, I hit drive, not neutral. Sometimes admittedly I do it really badly and then there's--confusion on what happened because sometimes I forget how to not use adjectives in non-standard ways, but anyway! I feel really--hurt--that anyone, anywhere, would assume I would, that I would edit out creepy things. So we all have that? Thanks.

My Monday morning. Any questions? The taco people will be here soon!
children of dune - leto 1

my problems are more awesome than yours

I feel like sulking prodigiously for reasons that have to with my realization that I have a really mundane fantasy life. I mean, catch this, some people are undead shaman-wizards and...

Oh, should I stop there?

Level with me; are we doing this wrong? I mean, I'm just saying my imagination feels inadequate and that is the penis size of the fandom world, if you will forgive the patriarchal aspects and stop to visualize that for a second, because seriously, it's hilarious.

I'm not sure where I was going with this, but I am just saying I do not feel virile anymore. Or--okay, yes, I googled that, right word, possibly context is creepy and--well, wrong, but I have been dealt an emotionally challenging blow. Did you not see comparisons to penises?

*curls up* Hate.