November 27th, 2009

children of dune - leto 1

adam lambert, youtube, and the perils of post-shopping posting

Okay, so, day three of Adam Lambert is awesome, which--okay, the thing is, I have been reading AIRPS since like last year because well, that's what astolat was writing and seriously, and what was I supposed to do, exert myself for entertainment? This is why I have an flist! To bring the entertainment to me!

Speaking of, quick rec from American Idol 7 RPS, and I say this with complete honesty, if you like to read, that's really all you need to read this one.

Real Forever If by astolat, David Cook/David Archuleta. Okay, I want to give a concise explanation of why I love this, but it comes down to, I really, really liked the blend of reality with a single radical difference that's handled in stride, and this single radical difference is not only cool as shit, it's unbelievably hot and involves pseudo-collars. Just, and I do not say this lightly, read it, if for no other reason than to watch the seamless handling of worldbuilding through show, not tell. And because it is hot like burning.

Right, Adam.

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Speaking of, Easy YouTube Video Downloader 1.8 is pretty much perfect for all your download needs. 2.0, however, had 720p and 1020p HD and the HD is, to my eye, fantastic. I think the audio may not be as great, but I couldn't tell last night since I didn't have my headphones and laptop speakers aren't ideal. It won't, however, put the extension on when you download to HD, and that was a fun and frantic ten minutes tracking down the correct extension for importing to premiere (avc, btw), though it will play in avi just fine. It also does FLV, 3GP, MP3, and MP4, all of which I think are identical in quality to the original--at least, I didn't notice a glaring difference and my computer screen is HD. Again, I can't verify how the sound is--laptop speakers--but I have no real complaints so far. The interface will appear on the youtube video page beneath the URL link and imbed links, and you can pick which you want. HD downloads a lot slower, but MP4 can be done in under three minutes.

Seriously, if someone know about this and didn't tell me? I am going to be so put out.
children of dune - leto 1

i have bears!

Okay, yes, the picture is not of the highest quality, but blame Android for not updating their settings for semi-dark.

First, thank you syllic--the bears arrived! AND THEY ARE ADORABLE. And I am scared to touch them too much, as you know, adorable.

May I present the 2009 Collection of Christmas Bears in my ongoing quest to be the one reported in teh newspaper decades from now "She died, surrounded by bears. A lot of bears," while people interview children who call me "That crazy bear lady."

I'll do a full group picture of the entire collection when we unpack them this week. I am wondering if they will fit on teh sofa anymore.

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