November 17th, 2009

children of dune - leto 1

i am a girl, so much

I am spending an inordinate amount of time on youtube watching period drama vids. Not even like, technically superior ones, either--I am talking, I want to see every single British romance set with corsets and set to the most romantic music on earth. God, I want Evanescence right now.

Actually, I want good BBC Emma 2009 vidness because Johnny Miller, been crushing on him since Hackers, y'know? And God does he do a cravat justice. And knee-breeches. That's not happening so far. Well, there were two cuteish ones? But not like, what I want.

A Period Drama Romance - I know about one third of the source, and also, I think I recognize a lot of these people from Dr. Who. Is this like spot the Canadian actor? I seriously think Persuasion and Mansfield Park are my favorites. Persuasion is just so--and then! I want to melt, trufax. Then Edmund. Running. After Rose Fanny. Just. Gah.

How Six Period Dramas Collide - I like that music remix.

Notes from the edge:

1.) People in British period romance run a lot. Often, after someone else. Sometimes, in the rain. Maybe, crying. If you are lucky, all three at once. I approve.

2.) I like I can tell who is Heathcliff by the most brooding male on the screen. Don't even need to check the list. Except sometimes, I mix him up with Jane Eyre, because let's face it, Heathcliff and Edward really really really were separated at birth, and then one went psychotic. I leave your judgment to decide which is which.

3.) ...I really am picking up a cravat kink. This cannot be healthy.

If you want me to remain sane, you will rec me vids so I can melt quietly into a happy crinoline and knee-breeches puddle for a bit.

...and Star Trek just arrived. You know. I have a bad feeling how Pride and Prejudice could collide with Star Trek. Let's all hope I don't go there.