November 15th, 2009

children of dune - leto 1

instarec: Lure by transtempts

The Vampire Diaries fic rec!

Lure by transtempts, in which Bonnie is a witch and Damon is a vampire who might be helpful but God knows really if he means it. It's a wonderful exploration of a carefully navigated relationship between them; Bonnie is awesome and incredibly insightful, Damon is ambiguous and strangely useful, and it could go anywhere at all. Me, I hope it goes somewhere. Canon-compliant up to most recent TVD episode, and highly recommended for the wonderful capturing of Bonnie and Damon as people who aren't friends but might be one day.

Also, pitch-perfect Elena and Bonnie friendship, which is possibly my favorite relationship on the show. Sure there are vampires, but I seriously, seriously love watching them together.

Also, because transtempts was wondering last night and now I am too--anyone have any good recs for M*A*S*H fic that don't make you want to cut your wrists from subject matter or crimes against language?