October 28th, 2009

children of dune - leto 1

someday, sleep will be mine in a place where I don't drool on my desk

There are many reasons I refer to my sister's son's father as Future Serial Killer, because he's just that disturbing. At four this morning, he continued his adventures in Calling Obsessively For Hours Until I Try to Give Him Hives With My Mind.

So I've been awake since the ninth call, circa 4:30, and I totes tried to sleep and gave up at five-thirty. However, I entertained myself with various things and also decided I will not destroy worlds, because that would be wrong.

Instead, other things.

The Vampire Diaries - Damon Wants You to Watch

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Anyway, for those who are interested:

salvatoreslash - for all your Damon/Stefan incest needs. Did I mention they are both ungodly hot, Stefan is angsty, and Damon is amoral, fashion conscious, and bites people a lot?

tvdnewsletter - for all your The Vampire Diaries newsletter needs!

I don't want to say you should write this fandom so I have more fic to entertain me. But that's kind of my motivation here.


So I added another four thousand words to Trek fic, and it's now--well, longer. I mean, I can see the end! But by the time I finish this no one will care, which is actually kind of motivating. That means I can skip spellcheck! Which hates me. Really.

Last check, my WIP list in Merlin, Star Trek, The Vampire Diaries, Due South, and Heroes is not getting shorter. There's a fair to good chance they will rise up and kill me in my sleep. I'm weirdly okay with that; it means I would get to sleep. And not be reorganizing my computer by the light of the stars.

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I'm trying to figure out how to fall asleep under my desk without anyone noticing.