October 15th, 2009

children of dune - leto 1

i live for this sort of thing, you know

The more you know...

Word of the day - Merkin.

So there is this book in the bathroom--sometimes there aer many, but right now, there's one that's called Toilet something for reading whilst performing your--functions. And I learned eight new and truly useless words. I laughed at this one, and then I hit google and realized there is a goddamn industry for it. In real life!

So you know, like the typevoring of yore that had several of you trying to contract my death, I thought we could all use this to add to our active vocabulary. I have no clue when you would use it, but I'm confident someone will find a way. Like for scrabble!

...seriously, someone use this in scrabble and send me a picture. This would make me eternally happy. For a week at least.
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