October 1st, 2009

children of dune - leto 1

it's one of those mornings already

I'm actually supposed to be working, but quoted from comments that do not make me homicidal, Lawyers, Guns, and Money: Further Thoughts from Anne Applebaum:

So, I'll see Kyle at the next meeting protesting prison abuse. I will also see him at the People For the Conservation of Limited Amounts of Indignation. It really hurts Baby Jesus when I use up all my anger on the morning commute and have none left over for any atrocity that happens later in the day. There need to be Rollover Minutes for being pissed off about stuff, and I join Kyle in his crusade. - comment

Honestly, if you are losing faith in society, these comments are very relaxing. Also, people are really taking the time to be extremely sarcastic, and I appreciate the time and effort to form a sentence that can slice both stupid arguments and flesh.