September 28th, 2009

children of dune - leto 1

i feel mean girls was totes a documentary

Pretty Women Can Be Hard to be Friends With by Jessica Wakeman. Wait! Don't click yet! Do me a favor; take a second and guess the location and time period of the first anecdote that was the beginning of this woman's journey observing the savage pretty girl in her natural habitat before realizing the creature would never be civilized, and with a heavy heart, has returned to us to share her hard-earned wisdom.

If you said High School, congratulations! We have achieved Mean Girls IRL in an article linked from CNN. This would be offensive, but honestly, I spent most of the article casting the characters for the upcoming remake of Mean Girls.

So I think we can safely state that this article is probably one of the most beautifully orchestrated to pander to pretty much every negative stereotype there is and reinforces "Nice Guy"ism with a matching "Nice Girl"ism. As a bonus! It highly encourages equally degrading positive sterotyping. And also, people are fat once you get to comments. Because God knows, you can't leave out weight. There's always a danger someone might not remember it.

I do not say men are all over the idea of pretty privilege and how those bitches are totes acting like they are better than everyone (him) (except the ones that fuck him; they are awesome), but that's because that would be like saying water is wet.

The water is very, very wet.

Comment Samples:

This Expresses My Manpain in Blank Verse, Woe, Woe, Woe - I'll bet that the women in the article treats the regular guy on the street the exact same as the way her hot friend treats her.

This is what regular guys deal with all day long at work, social events, in line at a restaurant. Women in general think they have certain privilege over men because they have a patch of hair between their thighs. What goes around comes around, enjoy your depression!

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Now, I'm pretty sure I am being petty and hypocritical, because it's not like I haven't trotted out some of that when I was younger, and maybe after, and maybe every goddamn time the female geek stereotype shows up, and random other occasions that I want a hit of self-esteem and skinning another woman to get it seems pretty darn justifiable. And if I don't say it, I think it.

While I was sitting here, working myself down from a case of self-righteousness, I realized I was humming Avril Lavigne's "I Want to be Your Girlfriend". Taylor Swift's "You Belong to Me". And you know, I'm going to mock, but it's not like I don't know that I don't own a single song that celebrates the friendship between women, and I can't even name one.

So. I want a drink.

ETA: Comments have recommendations of songs that celebrate relationships between women, and the truly awesome kiezh has several linked in this comment.

ETA 2: rhea314 here has a list of songs, and a mediafire link here.

boggit links here for another.

Below cut, accumulated song list from comments. That is many songs.

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