September 26th, 2009

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psa: medicaid, medicare cost share, and various benefits

For Everyone

Food Stamps has been renamed SNAP or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. If you know what SNAP was before, you will be confused. Don't worry; that's everyone. Just go with it. I'll still call it Food Stamps here because it's more identifiable.

First, in Texas

With healthcare being a big concern and everything, I thought I'd go ahead and repost a link to my outline on Medicaid in Texas for women, children, pregnant women, et al.

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Special Remarks Regarding Elderly

This will cover Medicaid and SNAP-CAP (a differnet kind of SNAP than the SNAP formerly known as Food Stamps, see why I'm still calling it Food Stamps?), which is a food program.

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Outside of Texas

This is by necessity more general, but some very specific links.

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There was a lot of welfare wank/welfare things going around, so that reminded me of this.


For entertainment value, here's my rant on welfare from a couple of years ago: Welfare - A Rant, because every so often I lose my shit on the subject in a really dramatic way.


And there you go. Questions, thoughts, more info needed? Ask. If I know, I'll answer, and if I don't, I'll find out or direct you to where there are people who do know. If anything needs expanding, or ooh, you have links to places with more information, hit reply and I'll add it to this entry.

More may be added if I think of things I missed or someone notices something I should add.


First Step - I'm going to quote the incredibly awesome seikaitsukimizu:
Here's a helpful site that, with your information (financial, geographical) it'll show you what help/state programs you're eligible for. We use it to check for Medicaid eligibility. Hope it helps someone!

She also states this is not just for the homeless.

Also, this post is linkable if anyone wants to direct people here. I forgot to mention that.