August 30th, 2009

children of dune - leto 1

trek is evil and destroying my life

I am going to bed, I swear. This fic will not hold me hostage. Nor sharing glorious memories of my viewing experience of Alexander.

[Next time I am at a con, I am totally organizing a viewing party for those unfortunate enough to have missed the glory and the dream. This movie is not to be missed. It sets the standard for sheer WTFery. It has growling! And Haephastion's magically thickening eyeliner!]

Okay, I know this exists, because someone, somewhere, at some point, posted a link to this: does anyone rememeber seeing (and can give me a link to!) a site that is devoted to characters of color in Star Trek?

I remember seeing it and I remember thinking--as one does--I should save that link! And then something was shiny. I don't remember anything else about it, and I could swear I clicked on it at the time but that could be a dream sequence.

For reference, I got this link from liviapenn: The Women of TOS. In case anyone out there is like me and once saw a link and then lost it forever to the wilds of the internetz.

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Also, this, since if you read me complain, you deserve something nice to compensate.

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