August 17th, 2009

children of dune - leto 1

life after the deluge of awesome


Home from VVC!

It was the usual amazing, but even moreso, because we made taraljc cover her ears and jump up and down to avoid hearing us reading badfic (as one does), and svmadelyn organized a Chicago outing on Thursday for fangirls, which was amazing.

VVC is literally the most amazing con I can imagine; this year, I also picked up something which is icky and potentially causing a great deal of congestion and unhappiness, but totally, totally worth it. svmadelyn assures me it is not swine flu. My ears haven't unclogged from the flight, so I reserve judgment, as she can't even see my pathetical state.

I'll do some vid reviews later; unfortunately (well, for reviewing), the bar was extremely good at mixing drinks this year and there was much dancing but not a lot of concentration during Club Vivid, and I missed part of premieres, which I am watching tonight.

The Saturday night Reboot party went swimmingly (security was called! Fine, maybe not everyone thinks that's a sign of success, but I totally do), and the Merlin Sunday night had cheese dip and we drank for the words "destiny", "fate", "two sides of the same coin", and two drinks for every time Arthur did the wrist twist with his sword.

...we could walk afterward. Really.


Child's hair is still--orange-copper-blond. It's really traumatizing. I'm trying to work out if it's really that wrong to forcibly dye his hair green already and destress, because holy God, pictures do not do it justice. It's just--insane.

For those who spoke to Child last night (Including taraljc)--the first thing Child asked who were all the girls that talked to him last night, and I didn't roll my eyes, but it's hard, since Child kind of considers himself betrothed to taraljc and I don't know exactly how to explain at family reunions how my son met my daughter in law who is my age. See, he's twelve and wants to go to Northwestern, and I get this horrible feeling in about seven years I'm going to get a call from Tara from Vegas who is frantically trying to explain how it came to be that Child got her to a chapel there and has no clear idea how this happened.

(Note to Tara: he's reconsidering the bronze. God, thank you . Thank you.)


The panels on crack vids and meta vids were kind of awesome, and I do not say that just because svmadelyn, talitha78 and nevermind98 moderated those, respectively; it was incredibly fascinating to see the range of what's considered a crack vid and the different types of meta that exist in fannish culture. I want to--hopefully--go into more about the crack vid panel, since the range that Mad and Talitha used for crack were fascinating, since not all of them were funny or all that obviously cracky on first watch. There's a lot of interesting things that can be said about fandom's view on crack, what it is, and why we developed the terminology and the (loose defintion of a) genre.

I kind of also want to hit on meta vidding, because in retrospect, I'm not sure I got across how I felt about the SGA vid about John Sheppard not being like, a roiling hatred of vidder and vid, but more my emotional connection to what the vid was about and how I interpreted it.

Vid Watching 101 was excellent and I liked the way everyone described their viewing method and experience--which reminds me of my general feeling that being able to enjoy a vid purely on aesthetics is great and I'm all for it, but being able to reach the level where you can interpret what the vidder was trying to do--and being able to work out what you yourself got out of it--is possibly the only thing that reconciles me to Lit critique. And everyone who reads here knows that I consider lit interpretation a tool of the devil, so it weirds me out to find myself using the same terminology about vids that people who do lit analysis use for lit and liking it. I'm not sure why; I have a feeling that the people in fandom that do this stuff make it much more palatable as an expression of enjoyment and criticism without the overtones of absolutism that made me hate The Yellow Wallpaper.

cesperanza ran the Vidding Town Hall, which turned into a fascinating discussion on what's going on in the world with vidders, youtube, imeem, and various sites for vidders to put their vids.

This Is An Incomplete List

Had a blast with svmadelyn, which is like, pretty much the reason I love Chicago and who showed Twilight to me, nevermind98, talitha78, and frostfire_17 in her apartment Wednesday night. I hate myself for my unironic love. And it is unironic. I swear I avenged my sixteen year old self watching one scene and totally feeling Bella's smugness.

Met shinetheway finally and she was a lifesaver getting the Reboot and Merlin parties going, and also a really good dancer and lacer of corsets when one has decided halfway through VVC to change clothes (did I mention the drinks were amazing and after being requested to change into something more festive, I thought bracing myself against a wall and holding my breath for Shine and amireal was like, a fantastic idea?).

(It was a fantastic idea--I need to get more wear out of it, and really, where else would I wear it?)

norabombay was hysterically funny; I met hellpenguin who was deeply awesome and has an incredibly dry sense of humor; and three other people, one of whom we traumatized last night with badfic and glow sticks that became like, the Merlin party DIY project while drinking for the word "fate" (comes up a lot!), and okay, who are you with the fantastic hair that helped do Reboot cleanup? I meant to thank you and didn't get the chance. And all the fantastic fangirls who went on the Chicago tour, including par_avion, who I hadn't gotten a chance to talk to much before.

In other words, this is my platonic ideal of incredible fun, a lot of thinking, and so much vid watching. And the VVC concom were marvelous--elynross, you and absolutedestiny and the rest of the com outdid yourselves on making a fantastic com.

I am going to lie down now and visualize how it feels to breathe without congestion and for the love of God, how it feels to hear without ears still not popping from flight. Oww.
children of dune - leto 1


Okay, I give, as I am seeing scattered reports and I get hot for statistics. VVC goers who run across this, answer the poll. Ooh! We could totally Venn diagram this! For science!

(Oh my God my head. My nose. My will to live.)

Poll #1445237 CTD - Con Transmitted Disease

Are you the victim of CTD - con transmitted disease at VVC?

Yes, and I need to go as I am revisiting my last ten meals. Thanks for the reminder, bitch.
No, look at me, superior to you all! I am evil and eat souls! With salsa!
DIAF, I wasn't at the con. I like knowing you are suffering. It makes me happy.
29(23.2%) describe, in detail, how exactly it is "transmitted" and how many people were involved.
I am participating because I just love polls that much.

ETA: I have given in and taken psuedophedrine/guaifenesin and while I do not feel better, the placebo effect of imagining that someday I might feel better is really--working if I really concentrate hard.

Really, really hard.