June 17th, 2009

children of dune - leto 1

i could use more sleep

It's not that I hate my job because it is currently repetitive and boring, though that would be enough--I hate it because it is taking important fic reading and journaling time.

Also, transtempts, amireal, and I are apparently engaged in competitive writing? I don't know. We spend a lot of time posting to each other's AIM window and wondering vaguely if our fics will ever end (the answer is no). It's--well, very us, I suppose.

I'm also still gazing at the reboot fic I posted last week in a state of shock. Good shock! But still.

I also found a puppy I want to adopt, which is random, but there was this--have you ever been say, looking at pictures of dogs at an animal shelter and then stopped and realized that is yoru dog? Well, my dad's dog--part of my motive was that his dog Luke needs companionship, I think, and I've been casually reading up on what dogs work well with German shepherds and I was looking at older, quiet dogs that wouldn't mind being Luke's dom, because God knows he wants someone canine to tell him what to do, and then there are these--I don't even think they are objectively cute, but there you go. I had the page open pretty much all day to go look at them; every time I closed it, I'd go back and open it again. I'm still debating. As in, I want so much, but she is, in fact, a puppy, though already spayed, and that will mean I need to enroll in puppy classes with her. I know myself. I will need a classroom. Puppies are cute. I roll over for them and that will do none of us any good.

There are so many practical considerations, but I'm weirded out how very badly I want this dog. And I am not actually a dog person. Or really--wanting to go through pet ownership again.

I don't know.