June 5th, 2009

children of dune - leto 1

where are my holographic chess sets of the future? and jetpacks!

Totally rhetorical question. So let's say Trillian kept cutting you off and so you decided, fine, I'll just read before I fall asleep, and sort of ended up re-reading Spock's World. Possibly My Enemy My Ally as well earlier this week, and then it's six thirty in the morning and you realize you didn't sleep and you should go to work.

My question is--anyone else really bitter there is no four dimensional chess yet? Don't lie. You totally want to play that damn game.
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children of dune - leto 1

no comment. i mean, what can you say?

Update to my post about that Sacramento radio show that encouraged beating of transgender children:

Bank of America is fourth advertiser to pull out, a list that includes Chipotle, Dr. Pepper, and Sonic.

Found on Unfunny Business at Journalfen - everything you need to know to keep up and make contact and be a drop of water in the bucket. An awesome bucket of social justice and non-stupidity.

Adding: so I googled the news on this one, in that way I hope for chocolate falling from the sky, I really wanted to see them fired.

Well, I didn't find that. From 98Rocked:
"You guys imply that all you have to do is...whack my non-existant child with a shoe if he goes clopping around the house in high heels," commented a listener who identified herself as a male-to-female transgender who previously had served in the US armed forces for 22 years. "Don't you think that all the abuse that I took in school would have changed that basic nature in me?"

"Thank you for your service, but let me just say this right now," quipped an angered States. "You fought (in the armed forces) for nothing! With the opinions that you have right there, you fought for absolutely nothing!"

I'm so glad Arnie States clarified that for us. Also, he just baited a 22 year military veteran.

....yeah. Good luck with that.