May 24th, 2009

children of dune - leto 1

fanniece of the future

Fangirl moment of the day (God knows, no one in RL could possibly appreciate this):

Today, my niece was on youtube, and I heard music and looked over to see Digimon still-motion vids going on. I hesitated, wondering if she was looking for the eps, then remembered we had those bookmarked.

So I took a second, as one does. Because she's seven. And yet... "So you like vids?"

She looks at me soberly. She has this--look. It's--a look, okay?

"Show set to music?"

"Oh! Uh huh." And then rewinds to get to the part she missed.

"So do you ever think about making your own?"

I got the look again. I'm thinking potentially, yes, she does.

*stretches, satisfied* This one I don't even own, people. Child can be excused for indoctrination, but he lives with me. Let me just say, my life is awesome.
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