March 28th, 2009

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This week in adventures in gambling!


This is purely a question of opinion, for those on my flist that are financial professionals. What is the tipping point where I should consider getting a professional financial manager for my stock account? Is there a particular amount I have invested at which time I need to stop treating this like a particularly expensive hobby and at least start seeking professional advice?

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The locally owned and operated reptile and rabbit store has showed interest in Child volunteering there, which is--I mean, great, but also, um. They have five of the hugest snakes I have ever seen. And a ton of tiny rabbits. I did not buy a rabbit. I think everyone who has been here two years or more just breathed a sigh of relief. Mostly because it still hurts and I own my issues on that score, so you know. There were also ferrets, and this thing that was furry and expensive and hid in its bed, so we coulnd't figure out what it was (not a chinchilla). Adorable.

So today I saw a ball python (flashbacks to that woman who was strangled recently by one), blood python, something else that scared me, something else that scared me, something else...well, a lot. A lot of snakes. And bearded dragons, chameleons, anoles, and for display purposes only, a caiman lizard that looked a bit like a crocodile's runt baby that never grew up.

So I am calling the manager tomorrow of all the stores to find out what I need to do to get him into reptile heaven. Frankly, dragging him out today was hard, but they had a jacuzzi set up with turtles and fish and a huge iguana and it was literally the coolest thing ever. If you live on Austin, it's on Burnet just past Black Eyed Pea, and seriously, this place is cool. It's bigger than their original location, and with better lighting and more space. I mean--there's a freaking jacuzzi of turtles. That cannot be anything but awesome. And that iguana!

Right. Back to your lives. I'm working on editing a fic, so maybe up tonight or tomorrow? I'm going to ask you to keep your expectations very low right off the bat. It'll just be easier on us all if you do not do anything crazy like expect a plot or something. The working title is "The Slutty One" that will be renamed about five seconds before I post. So you know, that should tell you what you are getting here.
children of dune - leto 1

recs for a lazy afternoon

Randomly reccing:

Stargate Atlantis

Checkmate'verse by beadattitude - Sheppard/McKay. Sheppard gets turned into a cat, right, but it's so much more than that. It's a collection of stories that just--to say this is my happiest place is to understate it. Your husband/wife/SO left, your dog/cat/pet died, your house/apartment/residence burned down--you go read this. It is that good. I did a longer rec of this one here and I stand by the fact that it's one of the few and far-between fic that just makes me melt in utter bliss.


Misrule by thehoyden, Merlin/Arthur - this is freaking hysterical. Saturnalia in Britain! Merlin the Maiden! Tournaments! Fun! Yes, all of this and more!

Treason to Us by janne_d, Merlin/Arthur - one of my favorite angsty Arthur finds out. I love the progression, I love how Arthur thinks about it, and I love how well the author shows both his betrayal and eventual understanding.

Building a Bridge by berusama, Merlin/Arthur - okay, this just works for me. Revengefic with porn. Awesome.

Details in the Fabric by minarchy, Merlin/Arthur - mob AU! That's--well, really all you need to know. Based on a Merlin comic linked in the story.

ETA: Part 2 of Details in the Fabric. I'm really interested in seeing where this goes.

To Be Known by esohpe, gen - gen by way of very slashy. Another fantastic Arthur finds out, visceral, brutal, and painful to read. Also very true to what I think the initial reaction might be.