February 24th, 2009


it's like a weird yet appropriate joke in context

I apparently have a cough and a fever (but no congestion, which is good except I am afraid because where is it, then?), which has sent my health paranoia into overdrive. To quote amireal:

seperis: I have a cough but no congestion and a fever.
amireal: I understand.
seperis: I am disconcerted.
amireal: probably a mild virus
seperis: I'm supposed to be writing toppyMerlin.
amireal: not everyone gets sick and then immediately needs the hospital
amireal: you are just special like that

Which is, you know, depressingly true. Also, the last time I went to Chicago and saw snow was also the reason two or three weeks later I had multiple doctors marveling over my x-rays and getting up close and personal with oxygen nose things and developed a delightful sensitivity to latex. However, let me point out, I still finished my remix while feverish and I forever feel I get huge points for writing a remix while vaguely hallucinating and clinging to an inhaler.

(And let me say, healing up the latex--thing--was a bitch. The remix was pretty good. I read it later and was really impressed how I kept like, sentence structure and all.)

Of course, svmadelyn was much more sensitive:

seperis: I have a fever.
seperis: This is not of the good, yeah?
svmadelyn: dawww.
svmadelyn: chicago vs. jenn
svmadelyn: chicago: 1; jenn: 0
seperis: Chicago - 2.
seperis: I picked up my second bout of pneumonia there in 2007.
seperis: Ami says normal people get fevers and don't need to go to the hospital.
seperis: *bewildered*
svmadelyn: this is true!

I feel loved.

Well, mostly, I feel no longer a vibe for writing porn, but an unbearable urge to write a long, long, long h/c where Arthur has a fever and Merlin takes care of him with like, ten pages of nothing but cuddling under blankets and drinking mulled wine and burrowing for warmth. Wow, that's not transparent at all, is it?

...or perhaps one where a terrible plague hits Camelot and Merlin is locked up in Arthur's quarters while Uther is out of the city and Arthur is left as regent and they burn the dead in the streets. Oh please. Like no one saw that coming.

*curls up* No congestion. We will go with that.
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