February 18th, 2009

children of dune - leto 1

dinner! chicago!

I totally forgot to post this, as I am both lame and also today they are trying to get me to go to a meeting tomorrow morning and no. No, do not want to go, because I am a natural last-minute packer and no one wants to reduce my minutes, mmmkay?

Dinner in Chicago! on Saturday if anyone is interested. Yay food! I say this having missed lunch adn contemplating chewing on the rubber duck I got at con*txt this last year. And i really don't like either rubber or duck, tbh.

P.S. svmadelyn is writing up directions for me to get from the airport to her apartment. And though I cannot see it, pretty sure she started a pool on where my body will be found after I don't arrive. I am not insulted. I will persevere. Also, I'm putting twenty on being found in her building's basement after she smothers me in my sleep, as she has tried so many, many times. Just saying.
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