February 17th, 2009

children of dune - leto 1

and lo, it is tuesday, and there is joy in the world

Four things:

1.) I'll be in Chicago from Thursday to Sunday to play with svmadelyn and various Chicago people and introduce her to my friend V, so if there is anything I am supposed to be doing that needs doing and I forgot, really need to email me so I know. Because um, I forgot.

2.) svmadelyn and I on an offnight. I am not writing this fic.

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Literary genius. That is in the unexpunged versions that Geoffrey wrote on the sly. Had pictures, even. The Catholic Church has robbed us. Totally in their vaults.

3.) Speaking of svmadelyn....

svmadelyn and the divine linaerys, writer of Springtime Promises, one of my three most re-read Merlin fics ever, have brought us the Merlin Big Bang sign-ups at boxofmagic. More information can be found here.

4.) If I need to rec this, I will be hugely surprised.

Crown of the Summer Court by astolat, Merlin/Arthur, I know, shocking, and um. Okay. I love the plot and everything, don't get me wrong, and omg Arthur in combat, thank you God and astolat, but....

"Arthur," Merlin whispered again, full of so much longing it curled into Arthur's stomach as though it was his own sensation, and maybe it was. Merlin's cock was brushing against his, hot and slick; Merlin was nosing softly at his face, and then with an oddly thoughtful air, he bit down on Arthur's lip. Arthur jerked, hot and coppery taste on his own tongue, to see the slick of crimson bright on Merlin's mouth, marking him, and Arthur's whole body shocked all the way through with something so far out of his experience it took him a moment to recognize it as pleasure.

Sit down first. And bring a cold drink. Sex magic is sexy. And sometimes, it involves whips. Sexy whips.

Right. There we go. Finished serpent fic, staring at it and disturbed that since sending it to beta, I've added two pages. This can't end well.